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Navodaya Medical College Address

Navodaya Medical College Address

Navodaya Medical College Address

Knowing proper address of the college helps you find it easily and make your medical education dreams true!

What is the address of the college?

Knowing the address of the college of your choice is of prime importance as you can decide about your future education based on the locality. Ranking and facilities generally make the students go for certain colleges. The address of the college offers the student the idea about where it is based and how far is it from your native land. Navodaya Medical College full address is-

Navodaya Medical College,

Mantralayam Road

Navodaya Nagar




Navodaya Medical College address must be properly referred when you enquire about its features and facilities. This offers you the exact place where it is situated and help you find it on the map for visiting the campus.

Why must one know the location and landmark beside the college?

Navodaya Medical College location must be known exactly by looking at Google maps. Take the directions in a notepad to reach the campus safely and look into the facilities present in the premises. Be careful to jot down the nearest Navodaya Medical College landmark to reach the spot without any problem. The students generally look into the location for-

  • Seeing the facilities available nearby.
  • Transportation system of the area.
  • Safety and security of the place.

Always think about the location well before actually attempting for admission into a college. Get admitted to a college providing you proper transportation or residing place to concentrate on studies and do well in semesters!

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Disclaimer : The information provided by SBS here is best to our knowledge. We do not guarantee on the accuracy of information. We recommend you to verify the information from college website as there may be changes from time to time.