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RV College of Architecture Faculty

RV College of Architecture Faculty

RV College of Architecture, Bangalore Faculty

RV College of Architecture located in Chikkegowdan, Bengaluru, Karnataka is one of the top choices for studying Architecture. This college is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University and is approved by the AICTE, Karnataka. It also has a very good infrastructure with state-of-the-art labs, hi-tech infrastructure, and experienced faculty. RV College of Architecture was established in 1992, and has on its roll some of the best professors in the state.

The principal of the college, Dr KS Anantha Krishna is well-known in the education circles. He is known for his hands-on approach to providing better education conditions for students. The professors and lecturers of the college are experts in their chosen field of study. Many of the professors have also published research papers in many national and international journals. The Architecture college has a top-notch research department that encourages both students and professors alike to engage in purposeful and advanced research in their field of study. Apart from their core subject area, the professors are encouraged to work on their interests in related fields. They are encouraged to take up seminars and workshops to improve their expertise and also help others with their knowledge. Each department is headed by an experienced professor.

The educational qualifications, experience, and faculty openings in RV College of Architecture are clearly provided in their official website. Students who are interested in knowing more about their professors can take a look at the detailed information provided in each department on the college website.

Faculty recruitment at RV College of Architecture is taken very seriously. The management understands that the future and well-being of each student depends on their teacher. So, they take the utmost care to select the best faculty for each department. Each recruit has to undergo a battery of tests and interviews to get the position.

From selecting the best staff to providing the best resources for them to perform well, the management offers all possible support for the faculty to deliver the best. The faculty at RV College of Architecture are expected to train the students and bring 100% results semester after semester.

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