Bangalore Institute of Technology Logo

Bangalore Institute of Technology Logo

Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore Logo

If you check out the best engineering colleges in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore Institute of Technology will definitely appear on the list. Established in August 1979, this college has been providing premium higher education for students since them. When it was first established, this college had just about 250 students, but now the strength is more than 2500. Moreover, this engineering college is approved by the AICTE of Karnataka. This engineering college was established to provide the best education and equal opportunity to study for students from all walks of life. Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore, logo also reflects its motto, which is “Technology for Prosperity”.

Designed in green, the Bangalore Institute of Technology logo reflects prosperity and growth. The logo shows both advanced technology such as satellite and electricity. Two plant stacks flank the central circular design. This logo reflects that we should give equal importance to technological development and agricultural development in the country. The logo also lets people know that the college is dedicated in producing students who will help in the development of the nation.

Designed with such strong sentiments, the Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore, logo reflects the aim and motto of the college. It is no wonder that this college has been producing some of the best engineers in the country. These engineers and research students have been placed in some of the best companies across the country.

The college is located in the central part of the city and can be easily accessed by private and public transport. In fact, there are many BMTC buses that ply on this road to the college. Apart from all this, the college also arranges to provide bus transportation for students who are traveling from various parts of the city. Students from other states or other parts of the state can avail hostel accommodation in the college.

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