Alliance College of Engineering and Design Placements

Alliance College of Engineering and Design Placements

Alliance College of Engineering And Design, Bangalore Placements

Established in 2012, Alliance College of Engineering And Design is one of the leading engineering colleges in Bangalore. It is affiliated to the Alliance University, Belgaum. The various courses offered in this engineering college are computer science, electrical, civil, mechanical, electronics & communication, IEM, and information science. The college also offers post-graduation courses in management, technology, and engineering. Basic science courses such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics are also offered in this college.

The Alliance College of Engineering And Design, Bangalore placement department ensures that all eligible students are given equal opportunity to get campus placement. The aim of the department is to organize campus interviews and to provide all essential information for industry placement as well as higher studies. The department also organizes seminars, workshops, and other events to enhance the student’s technical know-how and to improve their communication skills. All the programs conducted by the Alliance College of Engineering And Design engineering placement are geared towards helping each student get placed in a reputed company. The department is also involved in conducting activities that will provide exposure and experience for the students so that they will be able to perform well in the work place.

In the last three academic years, from 2012-13 to 2014-15, the college has placed maximum number of students in some of the top companies across the country. On an average, the top placement was in the ECE department followed by CSE and mechanical in the academic year 2012-13. In the next year, there was a slight shift in the numbers with more number of CSE students being placed, followed by electronics & communication and mechanical. In the previous academic year, 2014-15, the trend was almost similar with just few more ECE students being placed compared to CSE and Mechanical. If we follow the trend, then we can expect the placements 2017 in Alliance College of Engineering And Design to be almost similar with CSE, ECE, and mechanical taking the top three spots.

Students from this college have been placed in companies such as Amazon, Yahoo, HCL, TCS, Wipro, & Microsoft. Sri Balaji Solutions are reliable consultants who can help students get admission in top colleges in the city. Meet the consultants to get more detailed information about Alliance College of Engineering And Design placements 2017.

The Alliance College of Engineering & Design in Bangalore provides immense opportunities for the students to explore jobs from the campus recruitment process. The placement is provided for the students across industry sectors in their respective fields.

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