Supreme Court asks NAAC to award grade to 41 Deemed Universities

The Supreme Court on April 23, 2015 asked National Assessment and Accreditation Certification (NAAC) to grant accreditation to 41 deemed universities across India.

These deemed universities were failed to fulfill the various parameters required for getting recognition from NAAC.

A bench headed by Justice DipakMisra, Justice R.K. Agrwal and Justice Prafulla C. Pant said, "Admission is dependent on gradation of the institutions. Whatever NAAC decides on grading would continue and would be subject to the ongoing proceedings and new regulation proposed by government”.

However, admission for the academic year is approaching, it would affect the process.

Meanwhile, Additional Solicitor General (ASG), Tushar Mehta said that they are in discussion with the approving bodies, which includes University Grants Commission (UGC), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and NAAC for framing the new rules for accreditation to award grading.

The bench told to government that NAAC should award granting the accreditation to universities.

In 2009, a committee formed by P.N. Tandon awarded ‘C’ category grade to some of the universities. They had approached the SC challenging their categorization based on various parameters. UGC had already formed a panel to vitrify these universities physically.

The court was told that if there was subjectivity in pointing out deficiencies in 44 deemed universities by the Tandon Committee, then by the same measure there was an element of subjectivity in the grant of deemed university status to all 128 institutions.

The remarks were made when the counsel for UGC was trying to explain the circumstances for the delay by submitting that there was a need to modify the apex court order as the commission cannot go the way P N Tandon Committee made categorisation of the deemed universities like "A", "B" and "C" depending on the fulfillment of criteria.

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