R.V. College of Engineering-A High Quality Institution for Motivating Aspiring Engineers!

Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering (RVCE) is a pioneering educational institution in Bangalore with its inception in 1963.Todays it has grown by leaps and bounds with 11 Engineering departments and a Department for MCA. R.V. College of Engineering is a notable institution in Bangalore for its award winning academic performances and excellent results. It has won popularity for its aim to provide quality education to students through experienced and qualified faculty in the engineering field.

The Specialties of RVCE Bangalore-Making its Admissions dear!

RVCE has a campus which is all comprehensive with state of the art infrastructure and amenities. It is affiliated to VTU and is accredited by AICTE. Having been granted autonomy at the UG level, the College is well known for its combined programs and placement activities. It has great connectivity with all the industrial concerns and guarantees 100% placement opportunities for all the students who enter the campus. Naturally, there is a throng for R.V. College of Engineering Admission and students find this college their dream destination for the educational opportunities and career perspectives they gain from it. Due to its collaboration with universities at global level, RVCE is able to showcase excellent and latest methods in its pedagogy and produce learner centric teaching methods. Students in this college find great scope for getting world class education, since they are able to gain that standard of education which makes them stand on par with others at the international level. Naturally, R.V. College of Engineering Direct Admission is much sought after for the advantages they could reap out of joining this college.

RVCE has all inclusive facilities, mess, industry collaborations and MOUs with IT giants like Cognizant and thus makes learning a feasible and enjoyable experience in all its facets. The fests, sports activities and intellectual motivations held by the College attract the attention of many incumbents that they desire R.V. College of Engineering Management Quota Admission. This demand is due to the reason that getting admitted with such prestigious institutions with all latest technological devices is a sure road to success for students in their future.

Well equipped classrooms, WI-FI connectivity, hostel facilities and modern classrooms with technological equipments make the learning ambience very conducive and motivating in this college. Since education with premier quality is available at affordable rates, students who come through R.V. College of Engineering NRI Quota Admission find their learning experience wholesome and commendable in all its aspects. Thus, gaining engineering education through a prestigious and good old institution like RVCE is a tremendous step towards moving up the mountain of success in educational endeavors and engineering enterprises for a worthy student. Since the admission procedure is hassle free and makes room for the entry of meritorious students, it is but natural for the cream of students to enter this campus with ease and upload their mind with memorable educational attainments.

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